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This Agreement is addressed to the individuals who have activated UDS App mobile application (hereinafter Application) in the Internet, hereinafter referred to as the “User”, shall define the terms of the Application services and functions used by the Users. By the Administration of the Application moderator in this Agreement and other special documents placed in the Application is meant a group of people with authorized access to the servers that host the Application's source code.

Terms and definitions:

Customer — a legal entity acquiring access to the console of UDS App Application, through which it gets access to the international network of the users of the application.

User — is an individual using UDS App Application.

Agent of Administration of the Application moderator — is a legal entity acting under the Contract in the best interests of the Administration of the Application moderator, which has actual rights for UDS App Application, including but not limited to the intellectual and legal rights;

1. General terms

1.1. This Agreement is a public offer. Getting access to the materials of the Application, the User accepts this Agreement.

1.2. In addition to the present Agreement, the relations between the User and the Administration moderating the Application include all special documents governing the provision of certain services and facilities of the Application and placed in the public domain.

1.3. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User acknowledges and agrees to receive, process and store his personal data in accordance with the privacy policy, which is posted on the official website The User's personal data shall be received, processed, stored and disclosed in accordance with the legislation and in order to provide the User with existing and new services of the Application.

1.4. In order to protect user personal information and to follow the requirements set by the European privacy law No 2016/679 dated by 27.04.16 and taken effect on May 25, 2018, aiming at providing more effective and secure ways of control of the personal data to the interested parties, the Administration of the App undertakes to respect users' rights in accordance with the Swiss, European and other fundamental laws protecting personal data applicable to the App.

1.5. This Agreement may be amended and/or supplemented by the Administration of the Application moderator unilaterally without any special notice. The Administration of the Application moderator recommends that Users regularly check the conditions of the present Agreement for their amendments and/or supplements. The continued use of the Application by the User after introductions of amendments and/or supplements to this Agreement constitutes acceptance of and agreement of the User with such amendments and/or supplements.

1.6. Appeals, suggestions and complaints of individuals and legal entities to the Administration of the Application moderator in connection with this Agreement and all the questions concerning the Application operation, violations of the rights and interests of third parties while using it should be sent to the e-mail address

2. The User responsibilities

2.1. The User agrees not to take any actions and not to post materials that violate existing legislation and norms of international law, including in the sphere of intellectual property, the copyright and/or related rights or generally accepted norms of morality and ethics, materials with intimate content, advertising, and any actions that lead or may lead to malfunction of the Application and its services.

2.2. The use of Application materials without the consent of the copyright holders is not allowed.

2.3. The User is warned that the Administration of the moderator Application is not responsible for the access and the use of external resources, links to which may be included in the Application.

2.4. The User agrees that the Administration of the Application moderator is not responsible for the products or services purchased by the User from outside organizations.

2.5. The User accepts the provision that all the materials and services of the Application or any part thereof may be accompanied by advertising. The User agrees that the Administration of the Application moderator does not bear any responsibility and does not have any obligations in connection with such advertising.

2.6. The User is responsible for all activities using his e-mail address, login (user name) and password. The selected login (e-mail) and password by the User are necessary and sufficient information for the User's access to the Application. The User is obliged to monitor the safety of his password and not to disclose it to others.

2.7. User accepts the terms of the UDS App User Agreement and agrees that his personal data (full name, date of birth), login details (email address) and phone number will be visible to all companies where this user has been registered as well as rewarded with points for recommendations.

3. The User rights

3.1. The User has the right to use all the services of the Application.

3.2. To receive discounts and points according to the marketing plan in accordance with the conditions established by each particular company, basing its actions and (or) events through the Application.

4. The rights of the Administration of the Application moderator

4.1. The Administration of the Application moderator may send mailout with information about the development of the Application, new offers and advertising to the User.

4.2. The Administration of the Application moderator is entitled to carry out preventive works with the temporary suspension of the Application work with or without prior notification of the Users.

4.3. The Site administration reserves the right to change (moderate) or delete any published information by the User, and lock the User's account at its discretion.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. Nothing in the Agreement shall be understood as establishing between the User and the Administration of the Application moderator agency relationships, partnership relations, relations on joint activity, relations of personal hiring, or any other relations, not expressly provided for in the Agreement.

5.2. Adjudication of any provisions of this Agreement as invalid or not enforceable does not entail invalidation of other provisions of the Agreement.

5.3. Failure to act on the part of the Administration of the Application moderator in case of violation of the Agreement provisions by any User does not deprive the Administration of the Application moderator the right to take appropriate actions to protect their interests and copyright protection of the materials of the Application protected in accordance with the legislation later.

5.4. The User understands and accepts that the Administration of the Application moderator shall not responsible for the cancellation or modification of terms of the offers and (or) the activities terms offered via the Application by third parties.

5.5. The User accepts the provision that the Application customers may at any time cease the cooperation with the company and thereby cease providing discounts and opportunities of recommendations. In this case, the acquired points are not subject to use.

5.6. The Application User is an individual, registered in accordance with these Rules, which has reached the acceptable age in accordance with the legislation for the acceptance of these Rules and possesses the appropriate authority (earlier and hereinafter – the User).

5.7. During the registration the User is obliged to provide the Site Administration with the necessary reliable and update information for forming a User's personal page including the User login (e-mail address) and password to access the Site unique for each one, as well as the surname and the name. The registration form may ask the User for additional information.

5.8. The User is responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, completeness and statutory compliance of the information provided during the registration and its freedom from claims of third parties.

5.9. The user understands and accepts that clients applications at any time, at its discretion, remove, and modify offered promotions, coupons, the discount and the number of points for the reward without prior notice.